The Radnor Performing Arts Parents’ Association (PAPA) promotes the welfare and continued vitality of the Radnor High School choral, dramatic and musical theatre program.  We also encourage the development of the Performing Arts among high school students, provide support to the efforts of the teachers of the Performing Arts, and develop and implement fundraising programs to help defray the cost of the three programs it supports.

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Board of Directors:

Sharon Freedman, President
Cynthia Silvestri, Vice President and Musical Theater/Choral Liaison

Michelle Hunn, Vice President and Theater Liaison

Members at Large:

Barb Fillipo
Jo Ann Uricheck
Cynthia Silvestri
Nancy Romano

Lisa DiGiovanni

Joe Romano

Amy Dolan

Louisa Shepard

Ex Officio Members:

Bruce Glenny bruce.glenny@rtsd.org
Tatyana Oksyuk  tatyana.oksyuk@rtsd.org
Brian Dietzler brian.dietzler@rtsd.org